Privacy Policy

ARTICLE 1: What information is collected?

HANDI EXPRESS is holder of several domain names and reserves the right to create new sites at any time. Please note that this warning only applies to sites managed by HANDI EXPRESS, its branches or companies of HANDI EXPRESS SAS, to the exclusion of other websites managed by companies or third party organizations to which we refer. In addition, HANDI EXPRESS reserves the right to use from time to time third parties who will collect personal information on behalf of HANDI EXPRESS. In this case, these third parties will be informed by HANDI EXPRESS of the obligation to comply with the HANDI EXPRESS policy on the protection of privacy, under the conditions provided below.

For the purposes of access to the site, subscription to the newsletter and subscription by e-mail, HANDI EXPRESS only requests your date of birth, e-mail address, username used on the site. , country of residence, gender and password used on the site.

ARTICLE 2: About cookies

Some of our sites use cookies (cookies are files downloaded to your computer that allow you to trace your route through the websites you visit) in order to keep track of the fact that you have already given your consent so that you do not have to continually enter your email address and password. Likewise, we use a permanent cookie in order to memorize and restore the chosen language.

HANDI EXPRESS may need to place cookies and web beacons on its website which can be used to collect information on the sections you have visited, the products that interest you and your progress on its website. If you are a registered user on our site, this information may be stored on the HANDI EXPRESS consumer database and will allow you to transmit specific content on HANDI EXPRESS products and third-party publishers corresponding to your interests as well. than for other needs.

Most navigation tools are configured to allow the downloading of cookies. You can disable cookies or configure your browser to alert you when a cookie is about to be downloaded. However, some areas will not function properly if you decide to do so. There are many other sources of information for further information regarding internet cookies, and we encourage anyone who is concerned about the use of cookies to do further research on the subject in order to make an informed decision. and accept them from any site. Cookies will be stored on your computer.

ARTICLE 3: What happens to the information provided?

HANDI EXPRESS may use the personal information concerning you for the purpose of carrying out internal demographic studies, in order to allow us to improve our websites and our products so that they further meet the expectations and needs of visitors.

The nominative information transmitted will allow us, in addition to sending you the periodic newsletter, to notify you of the release of new products from HANDI EXPRESS or third-party publishers, site updates or improvements, special offers, contests and events of interest. These announcements will be transmitted by electronic message, SMS, mail or other similar means if you agree (see below). HANDI EXPRESS does not transfer the personal information collected but uses it for its own needs, that of its branches and companies of HANDI EXPRESS SAS.

HANDI EXPRESS may communicate personal information about you to other HANDI EXPRESS SAS entities, in particular with its branches or affiliated companies HANDI EXPRESS France SAS to inform you of their HANDI EXPRESS products or from third-party publishers and to conduct internal marketing surveys .

The reason for such a transfer of data to affiliated companies is to allow them to be informed about products and promotions and to conduct marketing studies.

HANDI EXPRESS also reserves the right to communicate nominative information concerning you to third party data processing companies acting in the interest of HANDI EXPRESS, in strict compliance with these conditions of the HANDI EXPRESS Policy on the protection of private life.


ARTICLE 4: Electronic messages for the attention of HANDI EXPRESS

Because an email address constitutes personally identifiable information, we protect the privacy of the sender by limiting access to these email messages and keeping them in a secure environment. Most e-mail messages are deleted after they have been answered. However, in some cases, a hard copy or data from certain electronic messages will be kept on file. These copies must be kept in a secure place, and the information obtained from them must not be used for marketing purposes. In the event that HANDI EXPRESS is legally obliged to provide the information obtained from visitors to its site to a third party as part of a legal or administrative procedure,

ARTICLE 5: Unsubscribing and deleting the HANDI EXPRESS database

If you do not want HANDI EXPRESS to use the data as defined in the privacy policy, you can withdraw your acceptance of the use of your data at any time by sending an e-mail to the 'following address: . Sending such an email may lead to the deletion of your account.

ARTICLE 6: Storage of personal information concerning you

HANDI EXPRESS will only collect personal information within the limits considered reasonably necessary to continue the needs of its activity and HANDI EXPRESS will maintain precautionary measures to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information you have provided to us. provided. In addition, HANDI EXPRESS will take reasonable measures to guarantee that the third parties to whom any data will be transmitted provide it with sufficient protection (if for example, these third parties sent electronic messages on behalf of HANDI EXPRESS).

ARTICLE 7: Review and correction of personal information

If the personal data concerning you have changed and if you want to modify or delete them, you can inform us by clicking here . Sending such an email may lead to the deletion of your account.