Terms Of Service


The following terms refer to either:
eCab.app : Web platform specialized in the personal service sector, created and operated by Handi-Express SAS accessible at the address http://ecab.app
User : Natural person or legal entity that uses the platform with a view to requesting a quote or purchasing a service or applying for a job.
Partner : Company or institution or third-party association with which Handi-Express SAS maintains partner relationships in order to provide additional services or information to the user


The purpose of these general conditions of use is to define the terms and conditions under which, on the one hand, Handi-Express SAS provides users with its eCab.app platform and, on the other hand, users who access this platform use it.
Any consultation or use of the eCab.app platform implies the prior and unreserved acceptance by the user of these general conditions of use contained in this document on the date of its consultation. No general or specific condition appearing in the documents sent or delivered by the parties can replace or be added to these conditions of use.
Any breach of these contractual clauses would engage the responsibility of the user. Any violation of these general conditions of use may result in the immediate suspension of the user's account, and this at the sole will of the management team of Handi-Express SAS without notice and without reimbursement of the amount (s) (s) already paid.


The user declares to be informed of the lack of reliability of the Internet network, especially in terms of relative security in the transmission of data, continuity not guaranteed in access to the service, performance not guaranteed in terms of volume and speed of data transmission.
The user is prohibited from transmitting on the Internet any data that is prohibited, illegal, illegal or liable to constitute an abuse of rights, or to be contrary to public order and / or accepted principles of morality, or to be used to exercise a threat or pressure of any kind, form or object whatsoever, or to be in breach or in contradiction with any intellectual or industrial property and copyright right, or to have been obtained or used as a result a ticket, a crime or an offense.


Handi-Express SAS undertakes to make its best efforts to set up all the procedures making it possible to limit the risks linked to intrusions, hacking, or the insertion of viruses on its server and / or on the handi-express platform. Fr. It also makes every effort to secure the content of the eCab.app platform as much as possible.
However, it is understood that Handi-Express cannot commit to an absolute guarantee, and declines all responsibility in the event of an intrusion, hacking, or in the event of virus insertion on its server and / or on the handi platform. -express.fr and / or in transmitted emails.


For correct and legal use of the eCab.app platform, the user undertakes to:

  • Respect the obligations imposed on them in these general conditions of use.
  • Initiate a quote request if only his need is real.
  • Initiate an online order if only his need is real.
  • Provide accurate and truthful information on all forms.
  • Do not use the eCab.app platform to promote your own services or products through SPAM or repetitive quote requests.
  • Inform Handi-Express without delay of any modification concerning their request for a quote.


It is strictly forbidden for any user to resell or transfer the contact details as well as any other confidential information published on the eCab.app platform or transmitted by Handi-Express SAS to one or more third parties, without prior written consent from Handi- express SAS. Any offender will be subject to legal sanctions.
It is expressly agreed that any connection to the service or transmission of data made using the username and password of a user will be deemed to have been made by the user himself. The user is solely responsible for the use of his username and password.
In the event of loss or theft or communication to third parties not authorized by the user of his password or his identifier, the user must immediately inform Handi-Express SAS. This notification must be sent via online support, confirmed by registered letter within 48 hours. Handi-Express SAS makes it impossible to access the eCab.app platform via the password within an indicative period of 48 hours from the receipt of the user's email.
eCab.app who undertake to contact the requester of the quote within 48 hours of their acceptance. Users are alerted by email that a quote request has been submitted in their respective category and thus have the option of agreeing to contact the requester.
The user has the possibility to update his user file. The latter is visible to the managers of Handi-Express SAS.
The user file includes:

  • Its detailed contact details (name, address, payment details, telephone)
  • The user is held responsible for the information he disseminates on this member file.
  • If the information or elements provided by the members prove to be false or erroneous, Handi-Express SAS cannot in any case be held responsible.

In the event of non-compliance with the commitments made by a user, Handi-Express SAS reserves the right to terminate their account without notice and without possible recourse by the service provider. In this case, the amount already paid cannot be refunded.


Handi-Express SAS may automatically refuse the use of its services to users and users, without delay or compensation and without prejudice to any compensation for Handi-Express SAS, in the event of the user's breach of one of its obligations, whatever they appear in these general conditions of use, and in particular in the following case, in the event of any act of hacking or attempted illegal use of the information circulating on the disabled platform. express.fr having for cause or origin the connection with the user's workstation. Handi-Express SAS will inform the user by simple email transfer.


Handi-Express SAS can automatically modify its services without any formality other than to carry its modifications in the general conditions of online use. The user expressly acknowledges Handi-Express SAS the right to modify the service with regard to the structure, the presentation of the eCab.app platform, the addition of new functionalities or services.
Access to the eCab.app platform is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to any breakdown and maintenance required for the proper functioning of the site. Handi-Express SAS reserves the right to make the eCab.app platform inaccessible for any reason whatsoever, without users being able to claim any compensation.